Future Bharat

The future of a Country depends on its Citizens.
Good citizens emerge from Good Parenting.
Good Parenting happens in a Happy Marriage.
And, we are the Gateway to Happy Marriages.

Revolutionising the Indian Matrimonial Industry

with world class matchmaking and wedding services Ltd manages brands such as BharatMatrimony. The company delivers matchmaking, marriage and other services to users in India and the Indian diaspora through its websites, mobile sites and mobile apps complemented by on-the-ground network of retail centres in India.

The company has introduced several services such as and Community, a consortium of over 300 community matrimonial websites.

What fuels Ltd is the culture of intrapreneurship, passion and ethics that permeates across strong team and top notch professionals at the helm of affairs. Ltd is also a conscientious corporate citizen with a span of CSR activities that include, and