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Jumpstart your career at the largest wed-tech company in India, matrimony.com. Learn and grow exponentially in a highly-driven environment.

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Build and cement your professional legacy with the most successful wed-tech company in the world. A workplace that will take you to your next milestone.

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Get a first-hand glimpse of what it takes to be a successful market leader for a billion-dollar industry. At matrimony.com, you get to hit the ground running with on the job training and live projects.

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Experience the joy.

Being part of an award-winning organisation that serves a country as diverse as India offers innumerable opportunities. Very few organisations can match matrimony.com in developing numerous offerings customised for each community, while delivering the right customer experience. A pioneer in the wed-tech space, the organisation leads the pack with its nationwide presence and proliferating opportunities. Career ascent through hands-on learning and mobility within verticals of interest, is a unique advantage at matrimony.com. Cultural diversity and equal opportunity for all makes it an exciting place to work in. Join the movement to make India a happier place for families, through matchmaking and wedding planning. 

An energising ambience

The core spirit at matrimony.com is young and always innovating and expanding. It offers the perfect ambience to learn, train, and grow while having a good work-life balance. The variety of products and services to work on and the freedom of choice to move between keeps things interesting. The culture of diversity, best-in-class work facilities and a qualified talent pool, make matrimony.com a perfect place for those with high career aspirations. And naturally, a company dedicated to facilitating perfect matches and well-planned weddings is a place of great joy and camaraderie!

The fastest growing Internet company –India’s only WedTech platform

The brand trust that Matrimony.com has built have over the years in the space of tech enabled matchmaking has been phenomenal. How did Matrimony.com become the No 1 player in this space? Here’s how…

  • Adaptive : We @ matrimony.com have capitalized on the Fast 4G/5G network expansion into rural, exploding smartphone usage, growing income per capita, & the neo-middle class
  • Resilient : We have stood the test of time having been here for 22 years, survived multiple ups and downs to even count. Our growth was faster during Covid-1
  • Market Leaders from Day 1: Online matrimony as a concept is a recent phenomenon that is quickly catching up in India. We estimate the online’ s overall market share is less than 10%. We have been one of the prime movers in this space and take pride in ourselves for being the market leader from day 1
  • Make for India: While there are players who have specialized services with localised scope, we have ensured we have expanded to include all geographies and communities and our platform caters to the whole of India